Welcome to Bespoke Southern Photography. I am a female photographer helping women celebrate all the stages of their life. From graduation through growing families, I help you document all the things that make you unique. Schedule a session with me today. Use the form below to get started.

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About Me & My Photography

Learn more about why I love photography and the things that drive me to produce amazing photos.

About the Photographer

Hi, I’m Sarah, a Southern girl (and photographer) who gets swept away by the emotion and beauty around me. I’m also a people person. I LOVE human interaction, both enjoying conversation and watching the interactions between people. I’m an open book and people get comfortable with me easily, and this is part of what helps people let down their guard and allow me to reveal the very essence of their relationships.

In my photography, you’ll see the emotions that drive me… joy, love, passion, sentiment, desire, and tenderness.

The moments between you and your child, the way she looks at you when you say you love her. The smell of your baby as you breathe him in… And when you look at the images, you’ll remember. It’s yours to treasure forever.

When your husband tells you about the first time he knew he loved you… and your expression and emotion as you recall that moment.

THIS, my friends, is what I live for. Let me capture the beauty of your family, your life, yourself and the memories you’re creating.